“Can you imagine putting our best-in-class faculty and students together with best-in-class facilities and technology, a beautiful learning environment and opportunities that are world changing? That’s a recipe for success.”
Jeremy Corbett, MD ’01



RAISED $24,000,000 Goal
$12,484,621 RAISED
$17,000,000 GOAL

Collaborative Learning Center (Phase 1)

An 82,000-square-foot Collaborative Learning Center to house the Howard Dayton School of Business and the Departments of Science and Mathematics.

A group of Asbury alumni are leading an effort to raise $2.5 million to secure the naming of the atrium of the Collaborative Learning Center in honor of former Asbury Professor Don Winslow ’65.
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$3,011,721 RAISED
$5,000,000 GOAL

Student Center Revitalization

With the growth in the student body, there is a pressing need to fully renovate and expand the Student Center.
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$2,572,575 RAISED
$2,000,000 GOAL

Windsor Manor Guest House

A University guest house to primarily service out-of-town visitors.
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“My parents worked hard and sacrificed to make sure my sisters and I have a good education. The scholarships I’ve received have made a huge difference to my family.”
Hannah Mobley ’15
“I wouldn’t have been able to be at Asbury without the people who support the University. I’m thankful for the impact they’re making on people and the roads they’re paving for us that we don’t always see. It’s a legacy that I hope I can continue.”
Sonneline Woolls ’14



RAISED $27,000,000 Goal
$11,627,045 RAISED
$17,000,000 GOAL

Current Use Scholarships

Every dollar invested is awarded directly to students in support of their tuition, room, board and fees.
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$8,818,169 RAISED
$10,000,000 GOAL

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarship funds continue to provide scholarship aid to students for generations to come.
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“Success for Asbury means our graduates are engaging the world and making a Christ-driven difference. It doesn’t mean they have to be in a religious position, but that their work reflects the best of what they were created to be. Asbury is educating productive people who are influencing their professions.”
Ms. Jessie Lois Amstutz ‘67 Webster
Ignited Campaign Steering Committee



RAISED $11,000,000 Goal
$6,722,009 RAISED
$8,000,000 GOAL

Academic and Community Life Programs

Gifts support equipment, seminars, research, internships, study-abroad programs, and grants for students to serve in developing countries.
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$5,277,178 RAISED
$2,000,000 GOAL

Institutional Sustainability

Help build the financial foundation on which the future of Asbury University depends.
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$1,149,500 RAISED
$1,000,000 GOAL

Recruiting & Equipping Faculty

Help to bring in and retain faculty talent, and allow faculty to deepen their knowledge in their subject area, present research findings and pursue innovative scholarship.
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Campaign Goal
$53,939,249 Raised
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