Academic & Community Life

Asbury University equips students to be tomorrow’s leaders, men and women rooted in the Word of God who are excellent in their chosen professions. We continually seek ways to expand academic opportunities and hands-on experiential tools for our students to reach their full potential.

$8,000,000 Goal

Academic & Community Life Programs

Gifts support equipment and technology upgrades, interdisciplinary seminars, guest lecturers, research, internships, study-abroad programs, travel stipends, and grants for students to serve in developing countries.

$2,000,000 Goal

Institutional Sustainability

Unrestricted gifts help Asbury to meet immediate needs or leverage new opportunities. A gift to the University’s general endowment provides a perpetual source of funding and provides the financial foundation on which the future of Asbury University depends.

Key Outcomes

  • Enhanced Intellectual Curiosity
  • Foster Academic Rigor
  • Integrates Faith and Learning
$10,000,000 Goal

When you make a gift designated to a specific academic program, you are investing in professors and their visions for how to successfully teach our students to be industry leaders who desire to impact the world for Christ. Gifts support equipment and technology upgrades, interdisciplinary seminars, guest lecturers and research.

In addition, gifts can be made to support outside-the-classroom learning. This can include national and international internships, study-abroad programs, travel stipends to competitions and conferences, and grants for students to serve in developing countries all around the world.

Asbury is committed to providing high-achieving students with opportunities to fully and intentionally integrate the Christian faith with rigorous intellectual accomplishment.



In 1998, with a part-time instructor, two students and one horse, the AU Equine program was born. Set on a 341-acre farm overlooking the Kentucky River Palisades, it has risen to become one of the largest undergraduate equine programs in Kentucky and is the fastest growing major at Asbury.

While most schools are competition-based and focus on developing individual riding skills, Asbury is the only Christian university whose equine program is focused on preparing students to partner with the horse in serving humankind. Our students train horses that assist police and border patrols, comfort patients in therapy situations, and rescue horses from inhumane situations.

By combining experiential learning with an equine science curriculum and an emphasis on servant-leadership, the Equine Program is gaining national recognition. A child who took riding lessons at Asbury won a medal in the Special Olympics. We were the only school in the world chosen to demonstrate at the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

Through Ignited, we plan an aggressive expansion of the Equine Program to double its capacity to 200 students while continuing to meet the ever-changing employment demands of Kentucky’s signature industry.

This significant investment involves adding staff, facilities, land improvements, equipment, horses and a graduate program.

The planned boarding, breeding and pre-veterinary services will generate additional program revenue, and continued sales of trained service horses to police forces and other specialized programs will also provide supplemental income.



At the core of Asbury athletics is the aim of building the whole person within the framework of community. Students are challenged to strive toward excellence in effort, academics and character, and are encouraged to grow in areas of integrity, stewardship and trust. For the student-athlete, the high level of physical skill and discipline necessary for intercollegiate competition, as well as the social aspects of team interaction, creates unique opportunities for leadership development and personal growth.

Asbury athletics has grown to more than 335 student-athletes and the vision for the future of Asbury athletics includes expanding our facilities, increasing the number of sports in which we compete, and recruiting a full roster of Christian student-athletes.

The primary means to invest in student-athletes is through the Eagle Club. Our athletic booster club funds missions opportunities, athletic scholarships, and special programs and projects.

Asbury is committed to developing a winning tradition, and we desire our playing fields to be excellent, also. We seek to expand and upgrade current facilities, including the completion of the Kirkland Baseball & Softball Complex.



Talk to Wynelle Scott ’61 Deese for only a moment and you’ll find that history is important to her. Keep the conversation going another minute, and you’ll find she couldn’t be more committed to the future.

Evidence of this care for future generations was on display recently as Asbury announced the proceeds from Deese’s estate, upon her passing, will fully endow the Judge and Mrs. J.W. Deese Asbury Initiative Program.

The Asbury Initiative Program has been covering the costs (approximately $80,000 annually) for about 10 Asbury upperclassmen per year to perform summer volunteer service — for between five and eight weeks — in developing countries.

“I love the idea of not giving just generally, but to a specific thing that I know will have an impact,” Deese said. “It’s what my husband and I have always wanted.”



The Center for Adventure Leadership at Asbury is committed to the goal of leadership development in its participants. Using adventure experiences in outdoor settings as educational tools, Adventure Leadership is a perfect option for students, but also groups with professional development, teambuilding and outdoor recreation needs.

Since its inception in 1992, the Challenge Course program (located just above the Kentucky River Palisades) has served more than 45,000 participants of all ages.



As the Lord continues to bless Asbury, its capacity to transform the lives of students seeking to make an impact on Christ continues to grow.

Unrestricted gifts provide Asbury with the opportunity to meet immediate needs or leverage new opportunities that arise in a quickly changing higher education environment.

Similarly, a gift to the University’s general endowment provides a perpetual source of funding and provides the financial foundation on which the future of Asbury University depends.


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