Collaborative Learning Center

“Asbury has already assembled the critical elements (small classes, excellent faculty, outstanding students) of an outstanding program. One thing it’s lacking is the great facilities.”

— Gary Wortz, MD ’00

Quick Facts

Design and Layout

Approximately 82,000 square feet, including:

  • 20 Labs & 13 Classrooms
  • Collaboration Center
  • Three Conference Rooms
  • 40 Faculty Offices, Multiple Dean's Offices
  • Auditorium (300 person capacity)
  • Atrium

Built for Expansive Growth

  • 130 students majoring in the natural and allied sciences
  • 70 students majoring in the quantitative sciences
  • 400 students majoring in business

New Innovative and Collaborative Academic Programming Potential

  • Five-Year B.A. and M.B.A.
  • Environmental Economics
  • Health Care Administration
  • Computational Biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Sports Analysis
  • Physicians Assistant
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

Key Outcomes

  • Infusing Undergraduate Research
  • Excellence Through Collaboration
  • Business as a Mission
$17,000,000 Goal

The domains of the natural and quantitative sciences and of business desperately need the influence of dedicated Christians whose educational foundations are laid through Asbury University. These fields individually and collectively raise a host of ethical, moral and theological questions, and our ability as a society and an international community to remain humane and liberal will depend upon the competence of Christ-centered scientists and business leaders to speak into these questions.

Over the past five decades, the Hamann-Ray building has been home for the science program. From it, more than 300 alumni have pursued their calling as physicians to heal the sick and many have launched into significant scientific research. Expanding this tradition of excellence, Asbury will link learning in the natural and quantitative sciences to the bold work of our new School of Business, resulting in graduates prepared for scientific innovation and equipped with the skills to influence the economic markets.

Central to this vision is a 82,000-square-foot collaborative learning and research center to house the Howard Dayton School of Business and the Departments of Science and Mathematics.

Through Ignited, we seek to raise $17 million for Phase 1 of the CLC which will include foundational labs and classrooms, a collaborative atrium and auditorium.

See the Naming Opportunities page to view a list of rooms and their naming opportunities.

Howard Dayton School of Business

With a goal of becoming the best business school for the world, the School of Business at Asbury University features a foundation of Biblical values regarding money and industry; it promotes a triple bottom line focus on profit, social impact and spiritual influence; it offers mentoring and internship opportunities for each business student; and a curriculum that integrates the real-time experiences of working business leaders.

Department of Science

Students who major in science fields enjoy highly personalized research opportunities at Asbury and other research centers around the world. A culture of high academic achievement is paired with a commitment to service, as evidenced by the many students who choose to follow paths into health professions or medical missions.

Department of Mathematics

Math students at Asbury excel in both graduate programs and professional environments. With a 100 percent acceptance rate to graduate schools, math department alumni are already making an impact in computational chemistry, material science and chemistry, as well as law school and medical school.

Don Winslow Atrium

A group of Asbury alumni, led by Jeff Stryker ’87, are spearheading an effort to raise $2.5 million to secure the naming of the atrium in the Collaborative Learning Center in honor of former Asbury Professor Don Winslow ’65. A founding professor in Asbury’s Business Department, Winslow died in an automobile accident in 1997.

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