Steering Committee

Meet the team of alumni who are volunteering their time to provide leadership for the Ignited Campaign.

Mr. Greg Isaacs ’83

CPA, retired
Louisville, Ky.

Dr. Walter Shaw ’63

Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.
Birmingham, Ala.

Mrs. Rowena
Phillips ’63 Shaw

Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.
Birmingham, Ala.

Ms. Jessie Lois
Amstutz ’67 Webster

General Manager
and CEO, retired
Chicago, Ill.

Mr. C.E. Crouse ’68

CPA, retired
Wilmore, Ky.

Mr. Larry W.
Green ’71

Vice President, Novartis
Pharmaceuticals, retired
Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Ms. Sarah Louise
Luce ’72

Interior Design
Prospect, Ky.

Lt. Col. Ron
Busroe ’74

The Salvation Army
Alexandria, Va.

Dr. Stephen J.
Behnke ’94

Columbus, Ohio

Mrs. Jenna
Heiner ’09 Molnar

Louisville, Ky.

Sub-Committee Chairs

Collaborative Learning Center

Dr. David Billings ’65
Mr. Jeff Stryker ’87
Dr. Jeremy Corbett ’01
Dr. Gary Wortz ’00

Endowed Scholarships

Dr. Jonathan Raymond ’70

The committee would like to recognize the contributions of the late Dr. J.B. Crouse ’55, who was a founding member and instrumental in the formation of this Steering Committee.

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