Asbury University has always prided itself on providing a top-notch education that is accessible to students from all walks of life. Today, financial realities strain that commitment.

$17,000,000 Goal

Current Use Scholarships

Every dollar invested is awarded directly to students in support of their tuition, room, board and fees.


$10,000,000 Goal

Endowed Scholarship Funds

Endowed scholarship funds continue to provide scholarship aid to students for generations to come.

“Without scholarship gifts, I wouldn't have been able to follow my calling at Asbury.”

Isaac Archer '14

Isaac Archer spent a summer in Peru under the Asbury Initiative Grant, which gives Asbury students the opportunity to travel on mission trips around the world. He used his business skills to help missionaries set up the business side of a coffee shop that will help fund their mission work.

$27,000,000 Goal

The average cost of attending a private university in the United States is more than $42,419 per year. Asbury works hard to keep the combined cost of tuition, housing, meal plans and fees considerably below that average. In fact, we are 20 percent below the national average. However, despite the aid we provide, the average Asbury student graduates with a $26,000 debt load.

Gifts to student scholarships are powerful in their impact because they open the door to an intentionally Christian educational experience for students who otherwise might not attend. Scholarships also allow us to compete nationally for exceptional students, thereby strengthening our institution through the quality, diversity and accomplishments of our student body.

As we evaluate the uncertain political and legislative climate and plan for the future, Asbury seeks to establish an expanded foundation of scholarship dollars available in preparation for the likelihood federal and state dollars become less available.

If we are to stay true to the vision of our founder, of a university that offers excellent education for anyone who has the ability and determination to earn a degree, then we must be diligent in providing the scholarship support that these students need and deserve.

Asbury University seeks to raise $27,000,000 for scholarships:

There are two primary ways to invest in scholarship aid for Asbury University students:

Current Use Scholarships $17m The first is through the University’s general student scholarship fund, The Fund for Asbury University. Every dollar invested is awarded directly to students in support of their tuition.

Endowed Scholarship Funds $10m The second way is to establish a named, permanent endowed scholarship fund, which can be accomplished with a minimum gift of $30,000. Gifts made to endowed scholarship funds are never spent; instead, those gifts are invested and a portion of the income is awarded annually to a student in perpetuity. Endowed scholarship funds continue to provide scholarship aid to students for generations to come.

See the Naming Opportunities page to view a list of scholarships and their naming opportunities.

Key Outcomes

  • Reduced Financial Burden on Families, Freeing Students from Debt
  • Ability to Respond to God's Call
  • Less Reliance on Federal and State Grants

Quick Facts

Financial Need

  • Traditional undergraduate costs per academic year at Asbury (including tuition, room and board, and before financial aid) are $34,000.
  • 54% of traditional undergraduate students are from Kentucky, the fifth poorest state
  • 31% are Pell Grant eligible, with an expected family contribution of $5,000 or less
  • Average financial gap of a student “with need” is more than $25,000

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